How to Become a Forest Guard? Forest Guard recruitment, salary, qualification, how to prepare?

By | April 9, 2021
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How to Become a Forest Guard ? Forest Guard recruitment, salary, qualification, how to prepare? There are many students who have a lot of interest in forests and in living. He wants to do something so that he is directly connected with plants and animals. Are you among the same people? So guys, what are you waiting for? You too can become a forest guard and fulfill your dream by becoming a forest guard. And the biggest thing is that for this you do not even need to study a lot. Only have to pass 12th, is not a good thing! Work is also of interest and not much reading.

How To Prepare For IIT Exam ?

So friends, today through this post, we will tell you how to become a forest guard? And how to prepare for it? Which points to focus on? Apart from these, many others will try to answer such questions, which can stand in your mind during the preparation of the exam. Friends, you just have to read all these posts carefully. Let’s start with:

How to Become a Forest Guard ? Forest Guard recruitment, salary, qualification, how to prepare?

Before we tell you how to become a forest guard, you first need to know what is a forest guard? What does he do? So friends, let us tell you that forest guards work for the protection of trees and plants in the forest of a country or state. Friends, this work is very important and it has to be done with immense responsibility amidst all the danger. Now you will ask what kind of danger?

So friends, as you know, there are many active dealers of precious wood and fauna and teeth in the forest. In such a situation, the life of forest guard is often threatened. Hopefully you will now understand the importance of their work.

What is the qualification required to become a Forest Guard?

Now we will tell you what are the qualifications required to become a Forest Guard. Let us first talk about the educational qualification. As we have already told you about this, to become a forest guard you have to be 12th pass. Friends, if we talk about the age, then the age to apply for becoming a Forest Guard is different in different states.

Somewhere this age is between minimum 18 years to maximum 28 years, while in some states the age of application for this post has been kept from 18 years to 23 years. At the same time, the age of recruitment as a Forest Guard in a state is also between 18 years to 27 years.

Forest Guard application and examination

Dear friends, it is very important to know that at this time this examination is conducted through online medium. That is, CBT means computer based test. The application for this also has to be done online.

Waiver of reserved category in Forest Guard application fee as per rules

Candidates of general category of Forest Guard will have to pay an application fee of Rs 100 to apply for recruitment. While women and Scheduled Castes as well as Scheduled Tribe candidates will not have to pay the application fee. Let us tell you that the examination has been conducted recently for the recruitment of Forest Guard in the Forest and Wildlife Department of Delhi, while in Rajasthan soon, the recruitment for many posts is being said.

Age Limit

To become a Forest Guard, a candidate must be between 18 and 28 years of age. The reserved category candidates are given relaxation as per rules.

Written examination

To become a Forest Guard, candidates have to take a written examination. The Forest Department sends the vacant posts of Forest Guard to the State Staff Selection Commission and the Commission conducts this examination. The candidate is called for the physical test on passing this written test. He has to take this test under the supervision of a specialist.

The endurance test of the candidate is basically done through this test. In this, the male candidate has to complete 25 kilometers in four hours, while the female candidate has to complete 14 kilometers. A medical test is performed after the physical test has been met. After this, the interview is done and appointment letters are sent to the selected candidates.

What is the Forest Guard Exam Pattern ?

Now we will give you information about the Forest Guard Recruitment Exam Pattern. Friends, written test is conducted once a year. It consists of a 2-hour paper. The paper consists of 100 multiple choice questions. The paper consists of four parts. The first part consists of 30 questions, which are based on general knowledge. In the second part of the paper, the candidates have to answer 25 questions, which are related to mathematics.

The third part of the paper is also of 25 marks. And friends, this section brings questions related to environment, forests and science, ecology, biodiversity. The fourth part of the paper consists of 20 questions, which are related to Hindi. It examines the Hindi knowledge of the candidate.

Minor marking is done in forest guard exam

Friends, let us also tell you that this test has a minus marking. As you know, this means that if you give an incorrect answer, your correct answer will be deducted in return. So while taking the exam, be careful that if you do not know the answer, then leave it. Instead write incorrect answers and deduct your marks. Friends, a lot of examiners try to crack the exam, you don’t have to do that at all.

How to prepare for the Forest Guard exam ?

Friends, now we will tell you how to prepare for the exam to become a Forest Guard. Let me tell you that passing this exam is not a very difficult task. If you study with little planning and practice continuously, then you can be successful in becoming a forest guard. Some important tips for preparing for this exam are as follows-

  1. Friends, the biggest formula is that you should study according to the syllabus. As we have told you above that the exam is online, first of all download the syllabus.
  2. Now, in terms of your preparation ability, break it into different parts. This will make reading easier.
  3. After that prepare your time table. Keep more time for the subject which needs more preparation. This will help you.
  4. Friends, you should get old question papers and solve them as much as possible. The more you have the practice of solving these papers, the more correct it will be. You will not have much problem in solving the paper in two hours during the exam.
  5. Friends, let us also tell you that the Mathematics exam conducted in it is of tenth standard. You can easily solve all the questions by paying attention for few days.
  6. Apart from this, you can also watch regular TV or take advantage of the Internet to strengthen general knowledge. Keep an eye on the news every day. This will prove to be very beneficial for you.
  7. Regular study is very important to pass this exam.
  8. Take one caution and that you do not fall into any kind of forgetting. If anyone can assure you that he can pass you the exam, do not be deceived. It is illegal. In such a situation, your future can also be bad.

Promotion based on departmental examinations

Friends, if a youth wants to move forward after becoming a Forest Guard in the Forest Department, then there are plenty of opportunities for him. If he does his graduation, then he can go to further posts by sitting in departmental examinations. Where you can get plenty of opportunities to work along with salary improvement.

Friends, there are many contestants who have risen to higher positions in the Forest and Wildlife Department by recruiting as forest guards. There are many who, after reaching the 12th standard, start preparing for general knowledge as well as running for physical tests.

Salary: The monthly salary of a forest guard is between Rs 21600 to Rs 40050.