How To Make A Career In Merchant Navy ?

By | October 13, 2020
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How To Make A Career In Merchant Navy ? – Hello friends how are you all? Hope you all will be healthy.  Friends, today we have brought information for you on a very important subject. In this article, we will tell you how to get a job in the Merchant Navy or how to make a career in the Merchant Navy?  Friends, if you also want to get a job in the Merchant Navy, then read our article till the last.

Friends, there is a merchant navy in the same way as the Indian Navy , but many people in our country are confused that the Indian Navy and the Merchant Navy are the same because they both sound the same.  But friends Indian Navy and Merchant Navy are completely different from each other.

How To Make A Career In Merchant Navy ?

The job of the Indian Navy is to protect India and wage war while the Merchant Navy’s job is to exchange the goods from one country to another.  Whatever is produced in our country, sending that item to another country and bringing that item to another country is done by the merchant navy.

You must have seen big ships at sea.  These cargo ships carry millions of turn goods from one country to another, which are called merchant navy ships, and the people who travel in this ship are called merchant navy seafers. The merchant navy is a thrill filled  Everyone’s dream is to get a job.

What Is A Merchant Navy ?

There are many people who do not know about the Merchant Navy and live in Confusion that the Merchant Navy is the Indian Navy.  But friends, it is not at all the merchant navy is not part of the army but is a part of transportation.  There are many big ships under the Merchant Navy which exchange oil spices and many other manufactured goods from our country to another country.

Qualification To Work In Merchant Navy

If you want to work in the merchant navy, then you can work in many positions and there are different qualifications for each post.  The Merchant Navy has employment opportunities ranging from Class 10 pass youth to degree holder youth.


If you want to work in Merchant Navy, then your personality should be good for that as well as you should have good English knowledge.  If your English is not good, you cannot do a job in the merchant navy because there is no Hindi aloud in the merchant navy.

How To Join Merchant Navy?

Now friends, let us bring you to the main point of our article in which today we will tell you how to join the merchant navy?

Pass Class 12

To join the merchant navy, you must pass class 12. You have to pass class 12 with at least 60% marks and your subject physics chemistry must match.

Give  The IMUCET Exam

If you want to join Marchant navy, then you must take the IMUCET exam for that.  IMUCET is Indian Maritime University Combined Interest Test.  This IMUCET is a branch of the Government of India that selects youth for the Merchant Navy.  IMUCET conducts its examinations once a year.  You can appear in its examination and you will have to qualify for entrance there.

Get Counseling

You will get your rank after passing IMU CET exam.  The more numbers you bring, the lower rank you get and the lower your rank, the higher the chances of getting a college.  After your result is announced, after that you have to get counseling and in counseling you have to select any college in IMUCET colleges.  If your numbers are good then you will get admission in that college.

Complete Training

After you get your college, you will have to complete your training.  This training will be according to your post, if you take admission in B.Sc Nautical Science, then you will have to do 3 years of training.  If you join the eto course, you will have to undergo 6 months of training.  If JP does a rutting course, then you have to complete 1 year of training.  After completing the training, you can get a placement from the college.

Qualify Interview

After completing your training, you will now have to qualify the interview of the shipping company. Different shipping companies sponsor you and you have to qualify their interview to get sponsorship from them.  After qualifying the interview, you can get a job in that ship.

Best College For Merchant Navy Course

If we want to take a merchant navy course, then for that we are telling you some of the best colleges.  The college from which you will get a job after taking the merchant navy course.

  • Training Ship Chanakya, Mumbai – Indian Maritime University, Chennai
  • Samudra Institute of Maritime, Mumbai
  • Coimbatore Marine Center, Coimbatore – Tolani Maritime Institute, Delhi
  • Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering, Kolkata
  • Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training, Pune
  • Maritime Foundation, Chennai – Madras Christian College, Chennai

Merchant Navy Salary

If your selection is in the Merchant Navy, then you will be given salary according to your post.  If you are in non-officer category then you will get salary up to ₹ 50000 and as the experience increases, your salary will also increase and if you are in officer category then you will get salary up to ₹ 100000.  If you are on Captain’s post, then you will get salary from three lakh to ₹ 400000.  This salary increases as well as being experienced.  Gujarat Police Bharti 2020

Merchant Navy Fees

The merchant navy has different fees for different courses.  If you do B.Sc Nautical Science or B.Tech Marine Engineering course for officer category then you have to pay at least ₹ 1500000.  If you do a course like GP rating, eto then you have to pay at least ₹ 400000


Friends, this was a little information related to Marchant navy.  Today we told you how to join merchant navy?  And how to make a career in the Merchant Navy?  We hope you liked this information. If you want to get other similar information, read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time