How To Preparation For Accounting Exam

By | February 5, 2021
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How To Preparation For Accounting Exam – All the candidates have a goal set of their career according to which they prepare for exam they work day and night in preparation of for this exam due to lack of jobs, competition has increased in immensely due to which nowadays examination.

The question in the exam are very big becoming very to achieve success you need to work more hard if you want to achieve success in this test, then it needs to make a plan, your hard disciplinary, how to achieve success in accountant exam.

How To Preparation For Accounting Exam

Accountant Exam Prepration: it is necessary for the candidate to have complete knowledge about the exam.The salary of the post of lekhpal is going to attract a lot due to which the number of candidates increasing continuously in it.


you should prepare the subject intern which subject you should it seems difficult you should spend more time on 8th and less time you should be given on the topics which are symbols, yet you should not be careless about simple subjects. According to the syllabus should pay equal attention to all points because a mistake you made here can lower your rank.

Important  Tips  to pass the accountant exam

Give the question paper exactly like exam room so that you will be able to know the problem occurring during the exam in it, so that you will get enough time to solve from them question paper. The speed of solving your question will keep increasing from the time period you will definitely get the benefit in this exam.

It is necessary to solve the previous year question papers for preparing for lekhpal exam, so that you will be get to know about the probable question coming in the exam,  because most of the question are asked in the exam which have appeared in the exam clear if you solve it properly then you possible to 32 30% preparation is done

Use of Time Table

If you like reading during the day that make it accordingly app and if it feels right to read at night then make it accordingly for the time working correctly you will get success.


Discipline is very important in exam preparation. Without discipline you can achieve your destination by walking without discipline no one has successful till date so it is necessary to have it inside you..

Study break- must take between

Studying you should take 10 minutes break after 45 minutes so that you will not feel tired will you you will also feel fresh by taking a break,it will not make you bored in one subject.

Setting goals

Without a goal you will not be able to prepare in right direction, so it is very important to set a goal setting a goal is very important in preparing.

Take  inspiration

You can take a help of good book for video this will not reduce the speed of your preparation it will remain equal and it will increase  exiting.