What Is ITI, How To Choose Trade In ITI ?

By | December 11, 2020
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What Is ITI, How To Choose Trade In ITI ? – Hello friends how are you all?  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  Friends, today we will give you a very important information in our article, if you are also worried about your career and you do not understand what you should do, then today I will tell you about a course which is very popular and by which you can get a good job.

Friends, many people who now pass class 10 and class 12 do not understand with which subject they should study further.  Friends, if you also have just passed class 10 and you are very worried about your career, then you do not need to worry anymore because today we will tell you about a course that will make a great career for you,  Yes friends, today we will give you complete information about ITI course in our article.

What Is ITI, How To Choose Trade In ITI ?

Friends ITI ie Industrial Training Institute.  Under this, you can take admission by passing class 10 and class 12.  This is a professional course.  ITI is a one-year and 2-year course.  In this course you will be given information about machines in the industrial sector.  Once you complete this course, you will be sent to various companies through campus placements, where you will be appointed on different posts.

What Is ITI?

Friends, industrialization is growing rapidly in the country.  Due to industrialization, people also need some trend workers to run the industry safely.  In every factory, you will find many modern machines which an ordinary person cannot operate.  These machines require a trend operator for oprate.

ITI is a course that you can get a job in various companies by completing.  In ITI, you are given complete information related to the industry.  The ITI curriculum consists of several subjects.  You can study ITI by taking any subject of your choice.

Branch In ITI

Friends, as we told you, ITI has many branches.  You can choose any branch as per your interest and get a job in any company by completing courses related to that branch.  Below are some of the major branches of ITI.


Friends, if you have an interest in technology, then you can take electronics trade for your ITI. Friends in electronic, you will be given information about the basic components.  There are many machines in the factory which are equipped with many small appliances.  These devices are very small and repairing them is not a matter of everyone.  A trend ITI operator is required to repair them.


Plumber is also a very popular branch of ITI.  Under this branch you are taught the work of a plumber.  By learning the job of plumbing, you can not only get a job but also start your own plumbing business.


Fitter is the most popular branch of ITI.  In this branch you are taught the maintenance work of machines used in the industry.  Friends, big machines are required to work in any industry.  These machines also require maintenance from time to time.  This maintenance is done by an ITI qualified person.

Friends, although there are a lot of trades in ITI, we told you today about the most prominent trade among them.  You can do ITI by choosing any of these trades.

Eligibility For ITI Admission

Friends, if you are also interested in ITI course and want to do ITI course then you should have the following qualifications for it.

You must be over 14 years to take addmison.

To take ITI admission, you must have passed class 10.

How To Apply For ITI Admission?

Friends, as we told you to do ITI, you can take admission in any government and private college.  In government college, your expenses are less and in private college your expenses are more.  If you want to get admission in ITI from your government college, then you have to apply online.  Forms are released for government admission in ITI every year.  You can apply for admission in any government college by applying online.

The online way to get admission in government college is given below.  You can apply your online application by following the steps mentioned below.

Every state has its own official website, you have to go to the official ITI website of your state.

Now you will have a registration option.  You have to register yourself by clicking on this option.

After the registration is complete, you will see  a login option.  You have to login with the help of your user ID and password.

Now the ITI admission form will open in front of you.  You have to fill all the information which asked you carefully.

After filling all the information, now you have to submit the application fee.

After submitting the application fee, you have to submit this form and take a print out of it.

Now a few days later the result of ITI will be announced.  If you come under the merit list of ITI, then you will get admission in Government College.


Friends, this was a small information for you in which today we told you about taking admission in ITI.  We hope you like this information.  You can read our article daily to get similar information.  Thanks a lot